I eat. I cook. I travel.

And then I repeat.

Experience this 20-something year old’s life as a Filipina-American millennial, D.C. implant, CA native, and social justice advocate through the lenses of my camera (and iPhone).

D’s Birthday

D’s birthday was a month ago. I know, I’m late blogging about it. I have no excuse… Just like my birthday, we had a week-long celebration for D’s – taking a short trip out of town to Williamsburg and throwing a dinner party for him… Read More »D’s Birthday

Our 2014 Vacation

Vacation days are meant to be used!!!! If you haven’t used any vacation days, you’re well on your way to hating your job, your life, your situation, everything. No joke. I grew up believing that hard work pays off. It does, but it doesn’t. You… Read More »Our 2014 Vacation

4th of July

Happy Birthday to America! I remember many 4th of July celebrations at my grandmother’s house in Rancho Cucamonga. All of my cousins and I would sit out in front of her yard and watch the entire neighborhood light up the street with TNT fireworks. Later… Read More »4th of July

A Vegas Wedding

Let me tell you, my friend Crystal is AMAZING. I love her (like totally love her) and deeply cherish our friendship – which is filled with milk tea, lavender bacon ice cream, and a Korean bbq obsession. When Hung told me he was going to… Read More »A Vegas Wedding

My Brilliant Birthday

Each year I have problems planning my birthday. Problems because I don’t know what to do, I don’t know who will be around, and I don’t like feeling old. I’m also cursed to have my birthday lie the week after Thanksgiving. Especially if Thanksgiving falls… Read More »My Brilliant Birthday

Virginia Beach

Every year D and I end up going somewhere new. It’s become sort of a tradition. Especially if D is off for three days straight. This year, when the opportunity presented itself in August, we packed a bag and ran out the door to explore… Read More »Virginia Beach

Chris & Lori

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Post – May 4, 2013 This past weekend, I had the honor of being my friend Chris’ best man, and witnessing his marriage to his gorgeous bride, Lori. The ceremony was beautiful. The vows they exchanged came deep from their hearts.… Read More »Chris & Lori

Recap of 2012

With Ticket Stubs!!! Since we started dating Derek and I have saved most, if not all our ticket stubs. The great thing about doing this, I can go back to that very moment and remember all the great laughs we had just by holding a… Read More »Recap of 2012

MCM ’12

Marine Corps Marathon 2012 As we reflect on what we’ve accomplished this year and figure out our resolutions for 2013, I want to take a moment to share with you one of our accomplishments. Derek and I ran our first marathon. That’s right. We ran… Read More »MCM ’12