I eat. I cook. I travel.

And then I repeat.

Experience this 20-something year old’s life as a Filipina-American millennial, D.C. implant, CA native, and social justice advocate through the lenses of my camera (and iPhone).

Two Years

Our Two Year Anniversary Derek and I have known each other since we were nine years old, having the same third grade class taught by Mrs. Mansfield. We were itty, bitty, beans. He was a newly transferred student. I was the teacher’s pet, the perfectionist.… Read More »Two Years

Food Adventures: Pizza

My parents owned a pizza shop for a couple of years, before the economy turned devilish and caused a big upheaval. Since then, I’ve been completely in love with homemade pizzas. Have my own pizza stone and everything. It’s super quick and fun to do,… Read More »Food Adventures: Pizza

Road Trip

Colonial Williamsburg Trip Derek came home one day last year. And just like any other typical evening, I asked him how work was and if he knew his schedule for the coming week. He replied with something along the lines of 3-day weekend. =P And… Read More »Road Trip