Vi•va•cious adjective attractively lively and animated

The life of E is definitely lively and animated. I’m infamous for doing a million things at once. And as a perfectionist, I tend to do many things well.

I’d like to believe that in a previous life, these fierce skills were used to kick butt and take names. So here is your chance to read all about this vivacious Jill-of-all-trades; from cooking to progressive thoughts and then some. Maybe during our time together, you’ll notice you’ve got fierce ninja skills of your own, too.

Another Vegas Trip

Hey friends and fam. If you were following me on instagram (@mari_delosreyes), you may have noticed that I was in Vegas… AGAIN!!! D and I were in Vegas last weekend to celebrate a friend’s Dirty Thirty. We went club hopping, saw LOVE, ate some pizza,… Read More »Another Vegas Trip

Clean Eating

One of my coworkers the other day asked me what was for dinner. I laughed and shrugged at her. For almost a year, I’ve been using Instagram to post photos of my food. More precisely, my dinner. My infamous line, “It’s what’s for #dinner” has… Read More »Clean Eating

Eat ALL things, NOW!

Today marks my 13th day on my first ever Whole 30. I’m almost there – 17 more days until I can re-introduce the “bad” foods. However, today, I feel like a hunger monster. Last night I dreamt about eating gobs and gobs of chocolates. This… Read More »Eat ALL things, NOW!

Going ‘Whole 30’

Don’t take this as me falling on the bandwagon of clean eating. To be fair and honest, I don’t eat a lot of processed foods and try my best to make my own meals. It started about 4 years ago when I was complaining a… Read More »Going ‘Whole 30’

Oh, politics…

I didn’t decide early on in life that politics was a career I’d pursue or even a path I’d cross. I didn’t care as deeply as some and I admit, even today, I feel out of place in the progressive world. My peers often make… Read More »Oh, politics…

D’s Birthday

D’s birthday was a month ago. I know, I’m late blogging about it. I have no excuse… Just like my birthday, we had a week-long celebration for D’s – taking a short trip out of town to Williamsburg and throwing a dinner party for him… Read More »D’s Birthday

It’s Spring!

Finally!!! It’s Spring. I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s finally here. Winter was a doozy. Long, cold, snowy, annoying. All of that angst. But today, oh, today is a beautiful day. However, with Winter finally saying its good-byes to us men… Read More »It’s Spring!

The Last Five Years

It’s my 5th year anniversary “back” in D.C.! I fell in love with this city a long, long time ago as an American University transfer student in 2007. We had a quick love affair, and I left for California in 2008, until 2010 when I… Read More »The Last Five Years

Positive Affirmations

Some days you just need an ounce of positivity. You dig deep, trying to find that one thing at the very bottom of the barrel that can help you make it to the next day. Sometimes we find ourselves defeated, lying on the couch under… Read More »Positive Affirmations