Vi•va•cious adjective attractively lively and animated

The life of E is definitely lively and animated. I’m infamous for doing a million things at once. And as a perfectionist, I tend to do many things well.

I’d like to believe that in a previous life, these fierce skills were used to kick butt and take names. So here is your chance to read all about this vivacious Jill-of-all-trades; from cooking to progressive thoughts and then some. Maybe during our time together, you’ll notice you’ve got fierce ninja skills of your own, too.

The Immigrant Woman

The Immigrant Woman: Invisible and Being Left Behind There are approximately 11.1 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows. Of those 11.1 million, over 4.1 million are women with close to 18% of them being Asian and Pacific Islander (API) women. Furthermore, based on the… Read More »The Immigrant Woman

She’s my Hero

It’s hard to write this post. Last year, I lost my Nanay. (Nanay means mother. It is the title given to my maternal grandmother.) And every day since her passing, I remember her. I remember the way she would make her coffee. I remember the… Read More »She’s my Hero

Vanilla Frosting

Georgetown Cupcakes’ Vanilla Frosting AHA! I’ve got it. I’ve found it. I’m sharing it. And you need to make it. My first years living in DC, I was hooked on the cupcake craze and dying to get some from Georgetown Cupcakes. Back then it was… Read More »Vanilla Frosting

Lazy & Burnt Out?

I grew up in a quiet, White, suburban town, raised by two first-generation Filipino immigrants. My home housed three generations – my brother and I; my parents; and my maternal grandparents. Needless to say, my house was an oddity. If the walls of our 2,000+… Read More »Lazy & Burnt Out?

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin: Victim of the Violently Vicious “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” – President Obama Have you heard of Trayvon? No? Well, you will. Trayvon Martin was a teenage boy gunned down in Sanford,FL on a rainy evening coming home from… Read More »Trayvon Martin

Bulgogi Recipe

All hail Korean BBQ! Okay, maybe that was a bit much. But, really. Have you not fallen in love with it already? Shame if you haven’t. You’re missing out on some really good (and sometimes necessary) eats. I say necessary because I’ve yet to go… Read More »Bulgogi Recipe